There are many services that could be provided. You can have your own personal driver that is always on time and helpful. Most customers enjoy that they get a roomy taxi cab with plenty of storage space and leg room.

Another plus is that you could request a minivan with added features such as a TV with DVD player mounted for you viewing pleasure. Also, you could get automatic doors so you won't have to lift a finger. You will get A/C in the summer and heat in the winter to make sure your ride is comfortable.

Here are some examples of the Ride with Rose Services:

  • Provide cab service to and from the airport (Auto Flight Tracking)
  • Timed orders (Reserve a taxi for a future day or time)
  • Service long distance or short trips (No trip too far)
  • Gladly accepts cash, credit or debit cards
  • Courier Services (Safely makes deliveries with signature confirmation)
  • Weddings & other Special Events
  • Get a pre-set flat rate to and from local airports
  • 24 hour availabilty
  • Corporate accounts available

St Louis has many taxi services to choose from, but when you Ride with Rose, your cab service is guaranteed!

What are you waiting for? Call NOW! 314-269-3115

5 common myths about taxi cab service:

Myth #1: All taxicab are the same.

Far from it. Ride with Rose is the St Louis premier taxicab service. You get a professional driver who speaks clear english and top of the line service.

Myth #2: Rose can’t take fares in the county.

Ride with Rose can pickup and drop off passengers anywhere in St. Louis City AND County. And yes, passengers can take a taxicab from one location in the county to any other location in the county. You can also go to Illinois or farther. We value our military, ask about rates to Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Myth #3: Rose can’t pickup at the airport.

Far from the truth. Not only can we pickup at the airport, we will track your flight and will be waiting for you when you land. And we gladly accept fares going to the airport, offering the best taxi service from various locations in the region. Going from downtown Clayton or downtown St. Louis to the airport? Call and ask about these, and other, pre-set rates. 314-269-3115

Myth #4: Taxicab drivers “take the long way.”

Ride with Rose  drivers are required to take the shortest route unless instructed otherwise by their passenger. This is one of many reasons that Ride with Rose enjoys high customer loyalty. Our drivers are professionals; they value repeat business.

Myth #5: Changing taxi services is a commitment.

Absolutely not. At Ride with Rose, we’re well aware that we are a service provider, and we want to provide service for you. Opening a charge account with Ride with Rose means that you can use our services on a corporate-charge basis. You’re no more committed to us than a person who charges his trip on his or her credit card. In fact, we gladly accept all major credit cards if your company prefers use of corporate cards rather than a corporate charge account. 


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